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Why is there multiple camera on smartphones?

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Why is there multiple camera camera on smartphones?

If you ever bought a camera, you might have seen how the lenses used in the store are 24mm or 35mm, etc. It also categorizes outputs. These values refer to the focal length of the glass. That is the distance between the camera lens and the photosensor. Simply put, the focus of the lens focuses on two things. It is how much partition it picks up in the picture, and how to magnify you can see in the part of the photo you see.


A wide range of photographs can take with a camera that has a short focal length. And, when you have a long focal length, you can capture the distant image accurately and clearly. DSLR cameras usually have focal length ranges. (Eg, 18mm-55mm).


Multiple Camera Lenses


Telephoto Lenses

There are two main ways to see an object that is distant from the camera. Many smartphones use the digital zoom, or software, to crop the image to the screen. Therefore the details of the model are blurry.

DSLR use optical zoom to capture photos. The telephoto lens is using for this purpose. They increase the focal length of the image so that they can zoom in without causing damage to the image’s quality. However, smartphones cannot use the same telephoto used in cameras.

Many phones on the market nowadays have a second camera. They have a longer focal length.  The Optical Zoom features a double shot of the iPhone X, which shifts the primary camera to the second one and brings quality non-damaged output.


Wide-Angle lens

Instead of taking a photograph of a single object, we need to use a glass with a lens focal length when we need to take photos, such as a city or a Group Photo. These are called Wide-angle lenses.

Smartphone software can zoom a part of an image, but it is incapable of taking wide-angle photos. It requires the support of a lens. As a result, some Smartphones contain a camera with a Wide-Angle lens. In the recent past, the Selfie camera will also be able to see this lens.


Depth sensing sensors

Smartphones like Pixel could detect things in the distance by using a single camera, just like we use the brain; Because of its software. But to make it even more useful, many phones have a Depth Sensor. Depth Sensor was the second camera on most of the phones that came in 2018. This camera incorporates with fewer megapixels compared to the primary camera on lower-cost phones.OnePlus 6T came with a secondary 20MP camera.


Monochrome lens

The colorless monochrome lenses brought black and white photographs to smartphones. Huawei Mate 10, P20 had this feature, and most software is using to deliver the output. The results were far more successful than software. This is called pure black and white because it has better contrast, a shadow black, and a brighter area.


Smartphones with More than two lenses

The inclusion of the primary camera with the above lenses observes throughout 2018. Samsung Galaxy A9 had four cameras. Including the primary camera, telephoto lens, depth detection sensor, and the Wide-Angle lens. Huawei Honor View had about four cameras. It had a time-of-flight lens, which determined the distance from the speed of light. It is also capable of detecting the time that the light takes to get to the lens.


( Cover Image: theverge.com )
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