What If Someone Finds Out My IP Address?

There are millions of computers connected to the internet each and every one of them has an IP address. Well probably anyone can find out anyone’s IP address. But what will happen if someone finds out your IP address? Should you be concerned? Let’s find out!


What is an IP address?

It stands for “internet protocol”. A computer connected to the internet receives a unique address. It helps the network to decide which computer transfers data to which computer. This procedure makes each device unique.

An IP address is similar to our home address, the same way we receive letters the computer receives data. For us, it’s easier to remember and address by a street name in the same way it is for the computer to remember an IP address by numbers. Ipv4 addresses start with and end with

Every computer and router has an IP address. When you are trying to access a website your computer sends a request through the IP address of the website you are trying to access. Then the server sends back the requested data.


What Will Happen, If Someone Finds Out My IP Address?


What information can be acquired by an IP address?

At the first look, you can’t literally tell anything about the IP address because it’s nothing but a bunch of numbers. The easiest way to find information on an IP address is to use an IP lookup tool. www.whatismyipaddress.com, www.iplocation.net, www.ip-tracker.org some examples for IP lookup tools. Using tools like this you can get the information such as IP addresses country, approximately town, internet service provider.

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How to find out your IP address?

A computer has two IP addresses which are local IP and public IP. Local IP is used inside your local area network (LAN). Outsiders cannot be connected to local IP. Public IP varies is on your isp. Tools I mentioned above are to find your public IP address.

To find out your private IP address, if you are using windows os then press windows key + r. Cmd and press enter, then type ipconfig and press enter.


How helpful is the IP address for legal actions?

Many cybercriminals have been caught with the help of the IP address. The police trace criminal IP addresses and find out who committed the crime.

There are two types of IP addresses static and dynamic. Static IP addresses never change but dynamics change from time to time. If you restart your router or turns off and on your mobile data, your dynamic IP changes automatically. I know it seems like it’s hard to find a criminal with a dynamic IP address, but no. Your isp stores all your data. So it isn’t hard for the police to find out the criminal.

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