Top 7 Richest Youtubers

When Youtube started it was yet another video platform but when youtube started to show advertisements it automatically became monetized. Because of the copyrights of the users or uploader s youtube had to pay them. There are many YouTubers who have made youtube ads their living. And some youtube earn money with the help of sponsors. Here are the top 7 richest youtubers of 2019.


Top 7 Richest Youtubers


1. Logan Paul

Logan Paul is only 23 years old and his net worth is nearly 14.5 million American dollars. Paul is not just youtube, He is also an actor, sportsman, and a singer. Once logan paul blames by his audience for uploading a video about suicide. However, his youtube channel, logan paul vlogs have a subscriber count of 22 million.


2. Pewdiepie

Now pewdiepie is the most popular youtuber at this time. Pewdiepie and T-Series had a big competition for the most subscribed YouTuber title. At this moment pewds has a subscriber count of 96 million. It is said that pewds’ net worth of a year is nearly 15.5 million. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is the real name of pewdiepie, Felix is a 29-year-old Swedish.


3. Jeffree Star

Jeffree star is super famous among women. This is a makeup reviewing channel with over a subscriber count of 11 million. Jeffree star is an American who is 33 years old. Jeffree was a makeup artist before starting the youtube channel.

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4. Dude perfect

Dude perfect is a bit different from the other channels mentioned above. There are 5 members in the dude perfect team; Tyler Toney, Coby cotton, cory cotton, Cody Jones and Garrett Hilbert. They own a subscriber count of 37 million. The total net worth of these 5 is reported as 20 million.


5. Jake Paul

Jake Paul is a 21-year-old American youtube celebrity. This young man has a sub count of 17 million and his channel’s category is humor. His net worth is 21.5 million per year.


6. Ryan Toys Review

Ryan is just 8 years old, but his performance is almost professional. What Ryan does is reviewing toys. Not just kids,but also adults love his content. He has a subscriber count of 17 million. Ryan is one of the youngest youtube celebs. His channel’s net worth of the year 2018 was 22 million.


7. Dantdm

Dantdm’s main content is Minecraft, which is a video game. Daniel Robert Middleton is the owner of dantdm. There is a subscriber count of 20 million for dantdm. Daniel is a 27 year old British. His net worth is 20.7 million.


*these values can vary by the time article is published.

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