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The Difference between HDD and SSD

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The Difference between HDD and SSD

Now that we’re still using hard disks (HDDs), but there is a way better alternative for HDDs. SSDs are faster and have better performance than HDDs.Apple has been using SSDs for their products for many years. And in many modern computers, there are SSDs instead of HDDs, or sometimes there are both HDDs and SSDs.

If your computer came with only an HDD, then you can upgrade it by adding an SSD and gain incredible speed. The problem with SSDs is the short lifetime and the high cost. Because of the technology used in SSDs, the lifetime is comparatively more concise than the lifetime of an HDD.


The Difference between HDD and SSD



The Difference between HDD and SSD
Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Image Source: digitalpromo.co.uk


Before getting into SSDs, let’s have a look at HDDs, and it’s structure. The main component of a Hard Disk is the “Disk.” Mostly these are made of glass or Aluminium. These disks are the parts that store our data. There are sectors in a disc which stores data. By enabling and disabling magnetism data is written and overwritten. There is a part called the “Arm,” which stores data in sectors. What makes HDDs slower is this very own mechanical procedure.



The Difference between HDD and SSD
Solid State Drive (SDD). Image Source: storagereview.com


Well, this is quite complex than HDDs but, SSDs have flash memory cells that can store data in a flash. Unlike HDDs, these have limited P/E circle abilities. When the more you overwrite data, the more your SSD’s lifespan remains. A group of memory cells is called a page, and a group of pages creates a block. You can write your data page by page, but when it comes to erasing data, it is done slot by slot. So like this, if you wanted to overwrite even a small piece of data, you have to overwrite the whole block.

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