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Best Photo & Video Editors for Creating Social Media Posts

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Best Photo and Video Editors for Creating Social Media Posts

Capturing photos and editing them as you like has become a trend. There are many apps for editing purposes of photos. Howsoever not every app is alike. They all have their differences. We decided to bring you the best out of the best Photo and Video Editors.

Best Photo and Video Editors

1. Google Snapseed

Snapseed is an app developed by Google. It can even edit RAW images. Snapseed has an auto-edit function that adjusts your photo by the app itself. With face enhance feature, you can brighten your eyes and whiten your face smooth skin, etc. With the help of face pose feature, you can add or adjust your smile. Besides these pictures, there are many other tools, such as healing, lens blur, perspective, and brushes. You can do the white balancing in a selected part of your photo with Snapseed.


2. Adobe Sparkpost

This app has a 4.3 rating on Play Store. You can use templates which they are providing, or you can create one. This app is ideal for WhatsApp, Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram. You can crop and adjust your image depending on the social media platform you post it. You can change the typography or the font else you can just use the magic text feature, which automatically chooses what font to use, and also, you can use this app to create memes.


3. Canva

Canva is the type of app which you use to create Facebook posts, covers, stories, Instagram posts, WhatsApp status, Snapchat geo-filters, and Youtube Banners and Thumbnails. And yes, you can use this for invitations, logos, email headers, and infographics. There are over 60000 templates, so no sweat. This one also has been elected by the Editors Choice on Play Store. And even if one has a rating of 4.8.


4. InShot

Videos are the most items that get reach on social media. So basically, it’s wiser to express something by a video then showing it with a photo. You can adjust your video size as suitable for Instagram, IGTV, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok.you can control volume, add extra sound, add filters, Trim, Merge video with the help of InShot. It’s only 25 megabytes, and yes, it can select through the Editors Choice.


5. Instagram

It is surprising to see a social media name as a photo or video editor. Instagram itself is a great photo editor too. You can tap the plus mark next to your profile picture on the homepage. Then go to story editor, and edit as you wish. After done, use the saving feature and post it wherever you like. And also, you can add gifs to your photos or videos with Instagram.

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